The Horoscope Spread

This is a very useful spread, but it is not easy to read.

It is simple enough to go round the twelve Houses of the horoscope and tell something about each area of life. This may be enough for the questioner.

The power of the spread in many ways, however, is that you can read any card from a number of different positions.

The 1st House for instance describes the self (of the questioner or the question). It is, however, also the 3rd from the 11th, so it shows how you talk about your hopes and aspirations. Or you can see it as the 10th from the 4th, so it describes the father’s business if that should be something you want to know about.

You can think of the horoscope as having twelve Houses, but really there are 12 x 12 or 144 of them.

Please note: These are audio files with illustrations as needed, so if the screen is sometimes blank, this is to be expected . There is audio throughout.

Links to the separate videos.

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Part 01 (12 minutes 43 seconds)
Shuffling and laying the cards correctly for a Horoscope spread.

Part 02 (13 minutes 13 seconds)
Some rules about which cards to turn – and which to leave alone – when doing a reading.

Part 03 (14 minutes 17 seconds)
The 1st House – about the self.

Part 04 (13 minutes 29 seconds)
The 2nd House – to know about income and the value sense.

Part 05 (12 minutes 49 seconds)
The 3rd House – for communications and siblings.

Part 06 (15 minutes 50 seconds)
The 4th House – the father, the home, and the condition at the end of life.

Part 07 (14 minutes 59 seconds)
The 5th House – children, and hidden karma.

Part 08 (16 minutes 38 seconds)
The 6th House – service and sickness.

Part 09 (15 minutes 54 seconds)
The 7th House – partnerships, the marriage partner, and the second child.

Part 10 (14 minutes 38 seconds)
The 8th House – death and regeneration; the partner’s value sense.

Part 11 (17 minutes 28 seconds)
The 9th House – foreign travel, higher education and the philosophy of life.

Part 12 (17 minutes 21 seconds)
The 10th House – career, business; the mother.

Part 13 (18 minutes 17 seconds)
The 11th House – hopes and aspirations; friends.

Part 14 (15 minutes 47 seconds)
The 12th House – karma; self-undoing.