The Suit of Swords

Note: There is a lot to say for every card, but the actual meaning depends on the question that was asked. I am including a sentence or two to give an idea of the flavor of each card, though there is a lot of detail and information expanded upon in the video.

The Suit of Swords

Here are links to videos for the Ace through to the Ten of Swords. The King, Queen, Knight and Page of Swords are accessible via this link to the Court Cards section.

The Suit of Swords represents hardship, conflict and strife. Life is sometimes difficult, and it makes sense that at least some cards will show the awkward situations and conditions that we sometimes have to go through.

A sword can be a weapon and it may be used for defense, and not just for attack – and this may be the question to be asked when a Sword card comes up in a reading. Will you be aggressive and threatening, or hold back and be ready to defend yourself or others? Maybe the reader should be thinking: Does it make more sense to be decisive and cut through obstacles using the sharp blade of the sword, or do you wait patiently until the situation has changed into one where you do not need to take action? Someone once said something about subduing the enemy without fighting is real skill.


Ace of Swords.
It’s a new start, so begin as you mean to go on and get organized so you don’t have to waste time later fixing what shouldn’t have broken, of putting back together what shouldn’t have fallen apart. Reversed, you might depend on your ability to take direct and decisive action, but it won’t be as effective this time.
Video length: 16 minutes 12 seconds

2 of Swords.
When there is more than one way to do something, find the crossing point, or what they have in common, and work from there. That way, you can get the best of both, or more, world. Reversed, there can be a problem with indecision or procrastination, but you might have to look to other cards to discover if this is a problem, and how it might be solved.
Video length: 7 minutes 53 seconds

3 of Swords.
Probably pain, sorrow and suffering, but, if it’s any consolation, it’s all part of life and living, and you handle it well. Reversed, on the other hand, maybe you have suffered long enough and it’s now time to move on and leave it behind.
Video length: 8 minutes 56 seconds

4 of Swords.
This can be a period of peace and contemplation – and ideally of renewal – prior to entering back into the world. Enjoy it while it lasts. Reversed, you can be out of sync with the conditions or with the dynamics of the situation – so someone stirs things up when people just want a break, or they want to take a bit of time to consider what has been going on, but someone won’t let them.
Video length: 19 minutes 11 seconds

5 of Swords.
If we’re going to become complete, we have to experience everything, so we can be philosophical and realize with Shakepeare that there’s nothing good and nothing bad, but thinking makes it so. Reversed,  winning isn’t always a victory; it can cost you a lot more than you think.
Video length: 15 minutes 00 seconds

6 of Swords.
If you have been looking for relief, it is on its way – or you are the one coming to the assistance of others. Things will quiet down, so enjoy the peace while it lasts because there will be new challenges when you reach the far shore.
Video length: 11 minutes 02 seconds

7 of Swords.
The meaning we give to a card depends on the question asked, but this applies a lot with this one. It’s hard to get a sense of what the person in the picture is doing. Maybe that’s what we suggest when this card appears – make sure you know for sure and clearly what is going on with people, the self, the situation, the prospects, and so on. Otherwise you’ll get into trouble. Reversed, remember you are in life to achieve something, and you get to choose.
Video length: 12 minutes 57 seconds

8 of Swords.
Here, the figure is blindfold, tied, hemmed in by swords and waiting for the tide to come in. All he or she can do is take small steps, and  retreat and try again if you come up against a sharp object or some similar obstacle. Take small and careful steps, and with time passing, you will eventually be ok. Reversed, concentrating on the big picture, trying to hit a home run, expecting to be an overnight success – this type of thinking will bring disappointment.
Video length: 12 minutes 14 seconds

9 of Swords.
Darkness and anxiety, but it won’t be like that if you give up what you don’t really need, or stop trying to achieve what doesn’t really mean anything to you. Simply yr life, as Jack Kerouac once wrote. Reversed, there can be too much attachment to things. The person who owns a $200,000 sports car can’t leave it in a public car park without worrying that someone will scratch the paint. Where is the enjoyment in that?
Video length: 11 minutes 37 seconds

10 of Swords.
The 10 of the Suit shows the end of the cycle and precedes the new beginning, and it looks like you are going to be glad to move on from this one. You may be facing defeat or be demoralized, but you can console yourself with the knowledge that it is coming to an end and there is a fresh start coming. Reversed, the cycle can take longer than expected to end, but don’t neglect to review the past, unless you are happy to take past mistakes into the future.
Video length: 14 minutes 56 seconds