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Questions and Answers

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I sometimes draw a blank during a reading and don't know what to say. What is going on?

We could choose a card to know what specifically is going on with the particular incident you are asking about and that would be one answer.

However, if we think generally, then we might consider that the Tarot is not out there, and complete, and knows everything, so when you pick a card, it’s as if you are reaching into the sphere of all-answers. The reader then picks the right meaning and when you say it out loud, then the problem is magically solved or changes into something that is no longer bad.

So if the questioner is in need of money, then writing down a number and expecting angels to get it for you and do the work isn’t something to depend on.

How, then, do we learn to read cards? Part of the answer is to spend odd moments of time thinking about what you might say for a particular card with a particular question. This means that when that card comes up in that type of question, you already have some ideas and don’t have to start from scratch.

You could take a few minutes to consider what sort of atmosphere a particular card would show if it were the first card in a Celtic Cross. Let’s say you have the Knight of Batons – what sort of atmosphere is this? Do you like it? Would you be happy if you got it? What are its weaknesses, if any?

Then you might contrast this with thinking about the Knight of Swords in the same position. Would you still be as happy to see this card there? If not, why not?

If you spend time thinking about cards on their own, you will find that you follow their lead to correct or useful conclusions, and won’t feel as if you have to know in advance what it all means.

I'm struggling with the Page of Batons. Any ideas?

If we look at the illustration, we see sun and sand and pyramids in the background, but there isn’t much growth or vegetation. It isn’t a fertile space, and that can mean that there isn’t much the questioner can do where he or she is right now or in the situation being asked about.

Sometimes there are lots of ideas and many possibilities around, and you can pick and choose the one or the ones you want. Right now, however, with this card, there may be no choice, or the choices available aren’t going to produce much of value.

This happens sometimes, so maybe we should be like the Page in the picture and look into the distance or into the future, creating mentally before you deal with the material. Then, once some time has passed, we’ll be in a better place.