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How to use the material in the Course

When we read a book, the pages are numbered so we usually begin at page 1 and work our way through to the end.

The Tarot can be considered as a kind of book too, except that the pages can come up, or be read, in any order. This can make reading the Tarot very interesting and complete, but it can also make it difficult.

The solution is to relax, and take it one step at a time. Even if you learn only one thing each day, then you have learned more than 360 by the end of the year, and that’s more than most people learn in a lifetime.

Your studies will, however, enable you to learn a lot more than one thing in a day, though there will be periods when you seem to stagnate and don’t seem to be learning anything or making any progress. Then one day, you’ll be back and it will all seem a lot clearer, in part because you’ve been digesting ideas when you thought you were stuck.

With this in mind, begin anywhere that you want. If you follow your instincts or the ideas that you have and the questions you ask yourself, you will make the progress that is right for you.

Pay attention to your thoughts and ideas and musings, and when you come across something interesting, or make a connection, write it down somewhere and keep it, even if you never look at it again.

I like Bob Dylan. In one of his poems, he writes something along the lines of:

I have seen what I loved wither and die, but to chase after it would be to be greedy for the rest of my life. I will never chase another living soul into the prison-grasp of my own self-love.

That could be useful to understand why someone is having a problem in a love relationship.

He says elsewhere:

I don’t believe I have to hate anyone, and if I do, it will be out of fear and I’ll know it.

So maybe there’s a connection between fear and hate; if a questioner says he or she hates someone else, then you’ll know that the real problem is that they’re afraid; or maybe it’s important to be aware of what is really going on with human behaviour.

What does it all mean?

I don’t know and it may not mean anything, but that doesn’t matter. Just write it down; you’ll be glad later that you did, and that you have random ideas and thoughts to work with.

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I have more than 100 videos on my Youtube channel – search for John Ballantrae on YouTube. The comments are generally positive and supportive, and some, like this one from Kara Marie for a Celtic Cross video, are glowing:

May I just say I have been reading tarot for approximately 13 years and have read a million books and watched a billion videos, however, in just 10 minutes of watching your video, I have learned MORE insight into the cards than I ever have before! You are just an amazing teacher, and I am going to further my career with simply watching your videos and listening to my intuition!


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