Course Videos – a brief description

The Course Videos are for those who have bought the Course, and they are organized as you can see in the drop-down menu in the Navigation bar above.

You probably already know that the Tarot is made up of 22 Major Trumps – cards with titles – as well as 56 Minor Trumps in four Suits consisting of Court Cards – King, Queen, Knight and Page – and ten pip cards from the Ace through to the 10.

There are therefore sections for

Since the Course is meant to be practical as well, there are videos outlining exercises to get to know cards and what they might mean, as well as videos demonstrating the Celtic Cross spread and the Horoscope spread.

These are the basic contents of the Course, but the idea is to keep the material fresh and relevant to your current and future needs. With this in mind, there is a Questions and Answers section, where I will post additional information and material based on Members’ real questions and problems.