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Life can happen all-at-once, and the Tarot can be viewed the same way. You can start anywhere and go forwards, backwards or sideways.

The main tab in the navigation bar above is Course Videos – there is a drop-down menu that lists the various pages where you can find some introductory information as well as links to specific videos.

You are probably already aware of the basic structure of the Tarot deck – the four Suits with the Ace through to the 10, the four Court Cards in each Suit, and the twenty-two Major Trumps. That makes a total of 78 cards.

This site is really for your reference.

So, on the Major Trumps screen, there is some general information about what these cards are, with an example using The Hermit card. Below this section are the names of the twenty-two cards, with a couple of sentences to give an idea or two about what they can mean, and a link to the page with the related video.

The Course is a bit like the Tarot in that you can start anywhere and go fast or slowly, and work through the material in random fashion, or view the video when a particular card comes up. It might be considered as a reference tool, though you can work through it systematically according to your own plan of action.

The material is different from what you find in the videos on YouTube. It’s also not what you would find in books, and it’s not the same old “pick a card a day and memorize meanings” approach.

It’s more about understanding that a card’s meaning depends to a great extent on the question asked, and rather than memorize meanings, we look to the card to see what SENSE it makes as, or in, the answer.

If I can help with answers to questions or with suggestions on how to proceed, just let me know. I’m always happy to talk about the Tarot so ask away.