The Court Cards

Note: There is a lot to say for every card, but the actual meaning depends on the question that was asked. I am including a sentence or two to give an idea of the flavor of each card, though there is a lot of detail and information expanded upon in the video.

The Court Cards

A court card can represent a person (known or unknown as yet), the questioner, or a situation. If you struggle to make sense of court cards, try giving three alternatives and leave it up to the questioner to recognize the truth.

You might say: If the card represents you, then you are like this…. However, if the card represents someone else, then he or she is like this….

Or the card could represent a particular type of situation revolving around authority (if a King), reacting to a situation (if a Queen), taking action (if a Knight) or learning in the early stages (if a Page).

The court card can of course represent more than one point – so it could be the questioner as well as someone he or she will encounter.

The Court Cards for the Suit of Batons

Page of Batons.
Think of the time around sunrise, when there is newness in the air, and ideas and energy to get things done. There may be challenges later in the day, but for now there is optimism. Reversed, if your mind and thoughts are focused on the past and its difficulties, you cut yourself off from the enterprising spirit that will carry you on to new heights.
Video length: 15 minutes 25 seconds

Knight of Batons.
Knights are messengers and they bring change – so look for interesting developments, creative solutions, opportunities where you can show initiative, and so on. Reversed, things aren’t quite as you imagined them, so in a question about a job, personal relationships can be more important than you thought; or in a question about a relationship, people’s ambitions have to be given priority.
Video length: 15 minutes 27 seconds

There is another version of this card – The Knight of Batons: Second Version:
Video length: 14 minutes 05 seconds

Queen of Batons.
A person or situation that is friendly, sociable, and inspiring, so if you’re looking for encouragement, this person fits the bill. Reversed, maybe a bit too much ego, so they have time only for their own problems and their own view of the world and aren’t much help to others.
Video length: 15 minutes 12 seconds

King of Batons.
This King has experience and has been around for a while, so he knows the value of looking back to earlier stages to see what worked well and what needs to be improved. Then he’ll put his impressive energy into it. Reversed, can be childish if or when he doesn’t get his own way, so you have to consider the question to see if this is going to be a problem, or if it can be accommodated.
Video length: 19 minutes 32 seconds

The Court Cards for the Suit of Coins

Page of Coins.
This person may be young and inexperienced, or the situation may be new, but good thought and imagination will create a model or a system that can be followed. Reversed, when we’re young, we generally think we’re immune to the problems and difficulties that happen in life, but take out some insurance just in case.
Video length: 17 minutes 03 seconds

Knight of Coins.
Looks a bit slow, though hard-working and friendly enough; you can rely on this person, though maybe don’t expect too much imagination or insightful ideas leading to new solutions. Reversed, can be too self-absorbed so he or she can’t see another point of view that may be better than their own.
Video length: 12 minutes 27 seconds

Queen of Coins.
A woman who knows her mind and who can give clear and concise orders that we probably ought to obey since they make sense. Reversed, she, or we, can have doubts and it’s better to clear them up before proceeding, instead of doing what we’re not sure about and keeping our fingers crossed that everything will be fine.
Video length: 13 minutes 43 seconds

King of Coins.
Thoughtful and reasonable leadership. Reversed, can be unpredictable which can be a good thing, but if you’re out of touch and living in your own space, what seems good and obvious to you is just puzzling to others.
Video length: 14 minutes 38 seconds

The Court Cards for the Suit of Cups

Page of Cups.
A person or situation where sensitivity is an important factor – it’s a strength and you can build on dreams and longings.  Reversed, on the other hand, sensitivity can have degenerated into wish-fulfillment and feeble thinking.
Video length: 15 minutes 05 seconds

Knight of Cups.
Messages of love and support, changes for the better, and hopeful expectations that are justified. Reversed, good news can be delayed, so be patient, and have a Plan B should you need one.
Video length: 15 minutes 14 seconds

Queen of Cups.
Passionate and intense, you want what you want, and won’t take no for an answer, even if you say you will. Reversed, revenge might get you something of what you want, but it may not be wise, though that doesn’t bother you.
Video length: 18 minutes 07 seconds

King of Cups.
He’s fine when he’s in the right mood, but he is changeable and you’re never sure which way he’ll jump on any particular occasion. Reversed, we all have our own agenda to some extent, but this is his primary motivation so be aware of this in your dealings with him and save yourself some heartache.
Video length: 20 minutes 23 seconds

The Court Cards for the Suit of Swords

Page of Swords.
Pages represent young people and we can expect that they don’t have experience yet. This can be why the person in the picture looks a bit doubtful, as if they’ve never held a sword before, or don’t like weapons. With this card, there can be a need to reassure the person, or to keep an eye on him or her until they get their bearings and become comfortable. Reversed, they really need supervision.
Video length: 16 minutes 27 seconds

Knight of Swords.
The rider seems to be going too fast, or is too furious, so there can be a need to slow down. The rider is certainly in fast motion and his speed might be his strength, so hen upright, and depending on the question, the best course of action can be to just get it done as quickly as possible, and if people don’t like it, then that’s too bad. Reversed, it looks like excessive speed will mean you’re not paying attention, so the chance of accidents and mistakes will increase.
Video length: 13 minutes 52 seconds

Queen of Swords.
She means business, so if you’re going to be involved with her, you ought to be prepared to work hard, take orders and have your homework done. Reversed, people are too demanding so those they order around get tired and stop co-operating.
Video length: 15 minutes 21 seconds

King of Swords.
Is practical, works hard, and does it methodically, so if you want a job done well, he is the one to go to or to follow. Reversed, he knows it all, even when he doesn’t, and his inability to bend can mean people back away for their own peace.
Video length: 15 minutes 20 seconds