The Suit of Batons, or Wands

Note: There is a lot to say for every card, but the actual meaning depends on the question that was asked. I am including a sentence or two to give an idea of the flavor of each card, though there is a lot of detail and information expanded upon in the video.

 The Suit of Batons, or Wands

Below you will find a set of links to videos for the Ace through to the Ten of Batons.

The King, Queen, Knight and Page of Batons are accessible via this link to the Court Cards section.

The Suit of Batons or Wands generally represents energy and enterprise. If the question or the answer requires enthusiasm for it to be successful, then a Baton card will help in that direction. Reversed, though, there may be lethargy instead, or sometimes there will be too much excitement and this will get in the way, so the advice can be to be level-headed.

The Baton shown in the picture is a piece of living wood, as we can see from the shoots of new growth. This can make us think of life and livingness with this Suit, and this can be encouraging – life will find a way so there can be a successful outcome even if obstacles are present.


Ace of Batons.
The beginning of energy and enterprise so if you’re looking to make a fresh start, or to undertake some new and important project, then this is a good atmosphere for it. Reversed, the timing can be off even if the enthusiasm is there, so make sure there is support and that the conditions are amenable and cooperative.
Video length: 13 minutes 02 seconds

Two of Batons.
High hopes will be or have been realized. You would want the stability and knowledge of this card behind you. Reversed, you might decide that when reversed we are dealing with loss or the opposite of the upright meaning, but that might be too black-and-white, since on its own there are glitches, but it’s not a disaster.
Video length: 5 minutes 24 seconds

Three of Batons.
Someone is looking off in to the distance, so we are shown the value of foresight, planning and thinking things through to make sure that we haven’t missed something. Reversed, think about expanding your vision, or taking a long-term approach, or involving others in decision-making.
Video length: 15 minutes 35 seconds

Four of Batons.
There are reasons to celebrate and a good time will be had by all involved. Originality is present and ought to be recognized, appreciated and rewarded. Reversed, things are good, but don’t get carried  away – or, if you allow yourself to get carried away, you will find yourself over-extended.
Video length: 15 minutes 17 seconds

Five of Batons.
Adaptability can be important here since each person may have a particular role to play, but they may need to switch, or the person in charge may need to understand all of them. Reversed, multi-tasking won’t work.
Video length: 9 minutes 17 seconds.

Six of Batons.
This looks good for success, victory and celebration for any type of question. There are supporters happily accompanying the winner so a team plays well together and they had a good plan. Reversed, maybe your ambitions were or are a bit misplaced, so check them for flaws or possible goals that are out of reach.
Video length: 16 minutes 26 seconds.

Seven of Batons.
You’re a lot safer and stronger than you think, so by all means pay attention to defense, but don’t let it stop you continuing on with your plans. Reversed, devotion is a good thing, but not if it blinds you to what is going on; it can be time for a wake-up call.
Video length: 15 minutes 19 seconds.

Eight of Batons.
These batons are flying neatly and in formation, having been launched with a particular aim in mind, we imagine. They were not just randomly thrown up in to the air, but are now about to reach their goal – so success will come soon, or there will be a successful conclusion or outcome. Reversed, expect delays or little things to go wrong – the overall plan and direction are probably good, but you may need to do some tweaking or make some small adjustments.
Video length: 12 minutes 32 seconds.

Nine of Batons.
Sometimes we need to stop for a bit and re-gather our strength, so we don’t do too much of anything for a while. Enjoy the quiet. Reversed, the person can be impatient to continue, but they run the risk of not being well-enough rested later and their performance will lack some vital ingredient.
Video length: 12 minutes 56 seconds.

Ten of Batons.
10 is the end of the cycle so we’re getting there and approaching the end stage, and our determination will get us over the finish line, but it is maybe wise to re-organize or re-structure so we are in a stronger position when we begin the next cycle. Reversed, we can want to look only forward, and not back, but we review in order to make progress later, and not to find reasons to be disappointed.
Video length: 9 minutes 35 seconds.