The Suit of Cups

Note: There is a lot to say for every card, but the actual meaning depends on the question that was asked. I am including a sentence or two to give an idea of the flavor of each card, though there is a lot of detail and information expanded upon in the video.

The Suit of Cups

Here are links to videos for the Ace through to the Ten of Cups. The King, Queen, Knight and Page of Cups are accessible via this link to the Court Cards section.

The Suit of Cups represents love and emotions, home and family; etc., though a Cup card does not have to indicate a love relationship. If someone asks about a future romance and there are no Cup cards, this does not mean that there is no partner in the future.

In the same way, Cups in the future do not have to indicate that you will meet the love of your life. We are better off to examine what is going on in the picture on the card and figure out what sense it makes as an answer to the question that was asked.

So if someone wants to know if they will meet a potential mate in the future and you get the 4 of Cups, then on its own it indicates Yes, but there are four cups, so there can be more than one possible Mr or Miss Right so to speak, and you might also have to notice the person who is just off to the right and maybe slightly out of the picture or not that noticeable – he or she may be the one, though it isn’t obvious, so pay attention.

Cups: The Suit of Cups represents love, emotions, home, loved ones, relationships, social connections, celebrations and so on. Enjoy them.


The Ace of Cups.
Something good is beginning.  There is happiness that can be shared, and there is enthusiasm and expectation in the beginning. Reversed, earlier disappointments don’t have to be repeated or hold you back.
Video length: 19 minutes 18 seconds

2 of Cups.
There is co-operation, sharing, perhaps a common goal, and companionship along the way promises success. Reversed, remember that it is important to do things for other people too, and not just for yourself. The scale can be as big or as small as you are comfortable with.
Video length: 11 minutes 40 seconds

3 of Cups.
There is harmony and celebration, so there is something to celebrate. It might be a particular occasion or situation, or just the happiness that comes from being alive. Reversed, observe the actions and behavior of children and young people and remind yourself you used to be like them and it could be good, even if it wasn’t excellent all the time.
Video length: 17 minutes 43 seconds

4 of Cups.
What to do next? You can do more of what you’ve been doing, but maybe there is something off to the side that would make a difference. Take a look. Reversed, change might be hard because life takes place within certain limits and has to keep going back to them, but sometimes breaking through is a good thing.
Video length: 8 minutes 26 seconds

5 of Cups.
When life is about making choices, remind yourself that you are allowed to choose, and you can have what you want. Reversed,  if we’re just reproducing what hasn’t worked, maybe we ought to stop and think again.
Video length: 15 minutes 54 seconds

6 of Cups.
You can do a certain amount on your own, but you need a team or other members if you are going to make a serious impact. Reach out and they will find you. Reversed, John Donne in 1624 began one of his Meditation poems with: No man is an island entire of itself…
Video length: 7 minutes 44 seconds

7 of Cups.
If something seems strange to us, we may misinterpret it, so it’s important to work with the truth and not just with what appears to be true. Reversed, appearances can be deceiving, and we know this, but we’re also supposed to do something with the knowledge and not just coast blindly along.
Video length: 9 minutes 00 seconds

8 of Cups.
Things have been nearly arranged so we can move on with confidence to what we want to do next. This is good. Reversed, on the other hand, we might need to do a bit more maintenance, but if it’s fear that is holding us back, build on the good work and habits that have got us this far.
Video length: 13 minutes 10 seconds

9 of Cups.
This is the so-called “Wish” card, so things will go your way and you will get what you wish for. Reversed, be careful what you wish for.
Video length: 18 minutes 42 seconds

10 of Cups.
A happy and successful outcome with offspring or new projects that will carry on the good work and give more reasons to celebrate. Reversed, not quite so good, but still ok. A review of the past will show what changes could be made for future improvement.
Video length: 10 minutes 32 seconds