Lisa wrote:

What about including in the reading what is not there. What I’m thinking of is a Celtic Cross reading I did. There were no pentacle cards at all and I wondered if it might mean that the person needed to reflect on and take into account their values or, perhaps, take stock of their finances in order to develop a successful plan.


It could be, but it’s hard to say not knowing the other cards and the question. However, as a general rule, your question reminded me of a practice that is current with astrology.

You may know that there are four “elements” that are considered in a birth chart – Fire, Air, Earth and Water. It can happen that someone is born with no planet in one of these elements, and so the idea is that the person is deficient in some way and so they are encouraged to act in the way that is not represented by the element in order to become complete or more balanced.

Someone might have no planets in Earth signs, so they may be told that they are not very practical, or not so good with money and material affairs. They might therefore need to learn to be practical or make a special effort in something that comes more naturally to someone else.

These ‘astrologers’ who give this interpretation are missing the point. If you have no planets in Earth signs, it’s because you come into life already knowing all you need to know about practicality and material affairs. It’s not that you’re lacking and need to compensate.

With this in mind, I’d think that the spread with no Pentacles cards means that money and/or values weren’t relevant or important in the answer to the question. I don’t think it’s an indication that something was missing and that the person needs to look elsewhere.

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